Oxenhope Cricket Club News story

Notice of Club AGM - Tuesday 19th February 730pm Lamb Inn

07 Jan 2019

Oxenhope Cricket Club Annual General Meeting 2019

Date         Tuesday 19th February 2019           7.30pm

Venue      The Lamb Inn Oxenhope

The committee hereby give notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Club for 2019.


1.     Minutes Silence for members who have passed away during the year .

2.     Approval of Minutes of Previous AGM.

3.     Treasurers Financial Report.

4.     Election of Captains

5.     The role of the Selection Committee

6.     Election Of Officers (Nominations to be Received Prior to Meeting )

Nominations to be sent in writing to Keith Yates via mail or email

a)     New Position to be created Results Secretary

7.     Election Of Sub Committees & Chairs

a.     Management  Committee

b.     Selection Committee (Subject to point 5)

c.     Ground & Development Committee

d.     Fundraising & Bar Committee

e.     Junior  Committee


8.     Set Subscriptions 2019

a.     Current Subscriptions                                            

                      i.     Full Playing Member Annual                                 £10                 

                    ii.     Full Playing Member Match Day                          £6                 

                   iii.     Full Non Playing Member Annual                         £10                 

                   iv.     Junior Member      Annual                                     £20      (No Match Subscriptions)      

                    v.     Junior Member Senior Match Day                       £2                 

                   vi.     Social Member Annual                                          £5

b.     Any proposals for changes in subscriptions should be submitted prior to the meeting.


9.     Life Members

a.     Nomination are invited for granting of life membership, any time prior to meeting.


10.  Club Constitution

a.     See changes proposed over leaf


11.  Any Other Business

a.     Windmill Grant.

b.     Should you wish any other items to be added to the agenda please notify Keith Yates (Old Vicarage,21 Hebden Bridge Rd Oxenhope BD229LY or yates,vicarage@btinternet.com) by Sunday 18th February 2018


Proposed Club Constitution Changes (Shown in Red)

1.     Create New Post – Results Secretary

2.     Include Post of Club Captain in Management Committee