Oxenhope Cricket Club News story

Selection of Captains & Selection Committee

07 Jan 2019

At a recent meeting the committee considered the way forward on the issues of Captaincy and the selection  of teams on a weekly basis.


The committee view is that the captaincy should be decided by the players in the following manner 1. Nominations for Captain of the 1st & 2nd Xi should come from Active senior players (This will include juniors who have played senior cricket regularly during the previous season)

2. Nominations should be sent by email or letter to the secretary to be received before Thursday 31st January .

3. Players will then be asked to vote for each of the two positions (All players will have a vote for each team ) . Voting will be completed by email before the AGM.

4. The results will be announced at the AGM.

5. The elected captains can appoint their own Vice Captains.

6. If no nominations are received the committee will approach prospective candidates to take on the role.

7. The committee will ask the AGM to consider the appointment annually of a Club Captain each season.

8. It is worth pointing out that Captains duties extend beyond tossing the coin and picking the batting order - Captains are expected to 

   - Participate in the selection process.

   - Attend Management Meetings

    - Ensure that Subs are collected , scorers and umpires paid .

    - The Score & Match result are entered on the League website.

    - Ensure that players are designated to assist in Half time wicket preparation, locking of the  scorebox  & leaving dressing rooms tidy.

    - Captains do not have to carry out these duties personally but it is their job to delegate and organise that the tasks are carried out.



The selection process is becoming less and less effective for a couple of reasons, lack of player availability & Captains merely sending selection lists to be acted upon. The committee feel it is a bit pointless turning up every Tuesday when selection has effectively been decided .

The committee feel that in the modern era of communication it is not unreasonable for captains to discuss teams selection and availability on the phone and then communicate that to secretary for updating on the website.

However a casting vote may be needed where the two captains disagree hence the earlier consideration of appointing a Club Captain who can fulfil this role . This would ideally be a senior player currently still playing but that is not absolutely essential, 

Also key to the success of this will be the attendance of captains at monthly management meeting so that issues can be discussed and that there is a process for players to use if they feel they are not being treated fairly.

This issue will be discussed at the AGM as it may result in a change in the constitution of the club.

Hopefully we will be in a position to announce indoor practice sessions shortly 


OXCC Committee