Oxenhope Cricket Club - Oxenhope Cricket Club Junior Cricket Policies


Oxenhope Cricket Club  Junior Cricket Policies


  1. Supervision Policy at Cricket Sessions
    1.  Qualified Coaching  Ratios

The following Coach Ratios will be adhered to at all Junior Sessions

                                          i.    Net Coaching                 1 Coach to 8 Children

                                         ii.    Group Coaching            1 Coach to 24 Children

                                        iii.    Hard Ball coaching         1 Coach to 16 Children


    1.  Supervision Ratios

                                          i.    For Single sex groups there must be at least one same gender Supervising Adult

                                         ii.    For Mixed Groups at least one Male & One Female Supervising Adult

                                        iii.    There must always be a minimum of two adults present.

                                        iv.    Supervision Ratios

  1. Aged 8 & Under  1 Adult to 8 Children
  1. Aged 9 & Over     1 Adult to 10 Children.

          Note “Adults” must be over 18.                   

    1.  Hydration

Supervising Adults must 

                                          i.    Ensure that regular intervals are arranged particularly on hot days.

                                         ii.    Plan drinks breaks in practise sessions and matches every 20 – 40 minutes on hot days .


    1.  Risk Assessment

                                          i.    All facilities and venues used for club activities must have undergone an adequate risk assessment.


  1. Fielding & Equipment               
    1.  Protective Equipment

                                          i.    Helmets (with a faceguard or grille), Pads, gloves and abdominal protector(Boys) are mandatory for all young players when batting against a hard ball in matches and practise sessions.

                                         ii.    Young Wicket Keepers will wear a helmet with face guard when standing up to the stumps.

                                        iii.    Parental consent not to wear a helmet will not be accepted.

    1. Fielding          

                                          i.    No young player in the Under 15 age group or younger shall be allowed to field within 8 yards (7.3 metres) from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side until after the batsman has played at the ball.

                                         ii.    For players in the under 13 age group and below the distance is 11 yards (10 Metres).

                                        iii.    These minimum distances apply even if the player is wearing a helmet.

                                        iv.    Any Young player in the under 16 to Under 18 aged groups must wear a helmet and abdominal protector (Boys)  when fielding within 6 yards(5.5.metres) of the wicket except on the offside

  1. Fast Bowling
    1.  Match Bowling Restrictions (Maximum’s)

                                          i.    Up to 13            4 Overs per Spell            8   Overs per day

                                         ii.    U14 & U15         5 Overs per spell            10 Overs per day

                                        iii.    U16 & U17         6 Overs Per Spell            18 Overs per day.

                                        iv.    U18 & U19         7 Overs per spell            21 Overs per day

    1.  Practise Sessions (Maximum’s)

                                          i.    Up to 13            30 Balls per session         2 Sessions per week

                                         ii.    U14 & U15         36 Balls per session         2 Sessions per week

                                        iii.    U16 & U17         36 Balls per session         3 Sessions per week

                                        iv.    U18 & U19         42 Balls per session         3 Sessions per week

    1. Physical Preparation

All young fast bowlers should be encouraged by Supervising adults and coaches to participate in Warm Up/ Stretch exercises before bowling and Warm Down/ Stretch exercises after completing a spell.






  1. Young Players in Adult Cricket
    1.  Fast Bowling directives apply to junior players in Adult Cricket.
    2. Any player in the Under 13 age group must have explicit written consent from a parent or guardian before participating in adult matches  .
    3. Any player in the Under 11 age group must have explicit of the League Management before the player can play.
    4. Any player in the Under 13 age group must have a parent, Guardian or other identified responsible adult present whilst participating in an Adult Match. The responsible adult may be a player explicitly approved by the parents or Guardian of the young player.


  1. Girls in Junior Cricket
    1. If girls are participating in a junior Match or practise session a Female Adult must be present.#
    2. Coaches and Managers must ensure that suitable arrangements are made in relation to changing facilities and Transportation.


  1.  Changing Facilities
    1. Junior’s must not shower at the same time using the same facilities as Adults.
    2. Juniors must have written consent from their parents or Guardian to share changing facilities with Adults at the Club.
    3. Where shared facilities occur Adults should try to change at separate times to Juniors. 
    4. Mobile Phones must not be used in the Changing Rooms.


  1.  Transport, Attendance & Adults
    1. Parents bringing Juniors to Home Matches & Practise Sessions must report to the coach or supervising adult before leaving children and ensure the child’s name is recorded on the register.
    2. Parents or Guardians must clearly indicate on the register if their children are allowed to leave the facility unaccompanied.
    3. When travelling to away matches Children will only be collected from a nominated collection point.
    4.  No Supervising adult should leave themselves in situation where there is only one child with them in a car, alternative arrangements to have the last two children collected must be made.
    5. Any adult assisting in transportation of Junior Cricketers must have completed a CRB Disclosure form and be in possession of a  valid driving licence and appropriate vehicle Insurance.
    6. No children will be transported in any vehicle that does not have the appropriate number of Seats and seat Belts . All Children will wear seat belts when travelling on Club arranged activities.
    7. Any Adult acting as an Umpire or Scorer in junior cricket must have completed a CRB Disclosure Form.
    8. In the event of a significant delay in returning from away matches Coaches will contact the leading two members of the telephone tree. ( This will be established at the start of the season).
    9. No trips involving overnight stays will be arranged without first  establishing a Policy for the trip and appropriate risk assessments.


  1. Missing Children

In the event of  child for whom the Club is responsible goes missing the following procedure will be followed      

    1. Ensure all other Children in the Club’s care are looked after and must not be involved in the search.
    2.  Inform the Child’s Parents as soon as reasonably practical and in any event within 20 minutes by which time the Police should have been informed.
    3. Organise a search of the immediate area by all available responsible Adults and a report back time and place to a nominated Adult who should remain at that reference point. The Adult at the reference point should make a note of events and a detailed description of the child.
    4. All missing children events must be notified to the club WO who must immediately inform the County WO. 


  1.  Photography & Video Cameras.
    1. Photographs are not to be taken at matches or training sessions without the prior consent of parents or guardians.
    2. If a photograph is used then the Child should not be named and Vice-Versa. This applies to all forms of public data press – Web or notice boards.
    3. Children should be informed that a person will be taking photo’s and they must be asked for permission to use the photograph in any publicity.
    4. Only appropriate Images in full cricket kit may be used in connection with the club.


End of Policy