Oxenhope Cricket Club - Oxenhope CC Volunteer Policy

Oxenhope CC  Volunteer Policy

  1. Identifying the Role
  1. All volunteer roles within  the club must be approved by the committee prior to appointments being made and the process must include
  2. A person specification should be drawn up identifying the skills and experience needed for the role.
  3. It should be identified whether the role will require a full CRB check .
  4. Recruitment Process
  1. The recruitment process must ensure that all applicants are treated in a fair and consistent Manner.
  2. Application Forms

                                                               i.      All applicants must complete the standard application form

                                                             ii.      Application forms should be looked at by more than one club official.

                                                            iii.      Copies of Identification Documents (Passport / Driving Licence) must accompany all applications.

  1. Meeting Interviews

                                                               i.      A meeting should be held with all applicants prior to any recruitment decisions being made.

                                                             ii.      Questions should be prepared in advance to ensure consistency.

  1. References
  1. At least 2 references should be sought

                                                               i.      One in relation to the applicants work

                                                             ii.      One in relation to the applicants involvement in sport and Children in sport

                                                            iii.      References should be followed up prior to any offer of appointment being made.

  1. CRB Checks – should the role require a full CRB check the applicant must be asked to complete a self declaration form in the interim period prior to the CRB check being returned.
  2. Non British Passport holders and British Passport holders who have lived abroad in the last  5 years  must be the subject of Overseas checks and an ECB Overseas clearance form completed.
  3. Recruitment Decisions
  1. All information received should be used in arriving at a decision

                                                               i.      Application Form

                                                             ii.      Interview

                                                            iii.      References

                                                           iv.      CRB Check or Self Declaration.

  1. Post Recruitment
  1. Qualifications should be substantiated through provision of copies of certificates etc.
  2. New volunteers must sign up the clubs Child protection policies, code of conduct and best practise guidelines
  3. Training needs should be established and auctioned.
  4. A statement of roles and responsibilities should be prepared.
  5. A period of supervision, mentoring and observation should be established


End of Policy